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A Tube-Fed Toddler


Welcome to my new blog! This site will be primarily photos and perhaps a bit of information about being tube-fed. My goal is simple, to increase awareness about being tube-fed. Why? Because knowledge has the power to erase fear. I want people to see and understand that tube-fed people are as individual and unique as everyone else. There is no typical tube-fed person. I hope this place becomes a site for other to share their photos about being tube-fed. I hope my son never needs to feel embarrassed or ashamed about his tube.

My son, Apollo, is a healthy-looking, active toddler with a heart defect which prevents him from taking in enough calories by mouth. He gets about 90% of his calories by tube, the rest by eating a bit and breastfeeding. If you saw him at the park, you  wouldn’t be able to pick him out of the crowd. With a shirt on and potato chip in his hand, you’d never guess that he has serious health issues.


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  1. I only have a Renee..this i AMAZING!!!!! I hope alot of people find this site. Young and old will benefit from this site!!!!

  2. Wow this is great idea and a wonderful way to show people that health condition don’t stop you from living a full life!! My son is 9 and has been tube feed for most of his life, he now also has a central line for tpn, and has a ellistomy bag and you would never know he was sick if you met him unless you looked under his shirt. Kids amaze me how well the deal with things and they are so happy and appreciate every day 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your sins story!!

  3. The photos and intention of your blog are awesome! If you haven’t seen our site yet, please check us out for information on tube feeding and to meet others on a similar journey. We have many programs — all free of charge — that may be of interest to you. In particular we have a conference every year where you can meet other parents and Apollo can hang out with other tube fed kids. (And if Apollo has siblings, they can meet other siblings.) Call or email if you have any questions.

    Warm regards,
    Roslyn Dahl
    The Oley Foundation
    (800) 776-OLEY

    • Roslyn- thank you so much for your encouragement! Is there anyway you can put something out to your readers about sharing images here? And thank you for your site. I have been on there many times. We are still relatively new to tube-feeding ( three months) and it’s a whole new world…

  4. Having fostered and adopted several G-tube fed kids it’s kind of the normal way to eat around here. We had one little foster girl that fed her dolls with a G-tube and was amazed to see a baby drinking a bottle. She was 2 years old and if we didn’t watch her she would hook up her own G-tube extention while playing. : )

  5. What a wonderful idea (this blog)!

  6. Christian Zachrich

    This is a wonderful and insightful blog! I am a student product designer working on redesigning and making a better G-tube for kids. I was wondering if we could talk? my email is
    Christian Zachrich

  7. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your blog was helpful to me. I am an occupational therapy student and while completing an assignment I stumbled upon your page. I always associated G-tubes with individuals that were, for the most part, dependent. Thank you for raising this awareness! I am glad that I no longer lump these two things together.


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