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Tube Feeding on Vacation


From blog reader Kim:

Leo is one of 6 so life is never quiet.  We are vacationing for a week at Cape May, NJ.  I will admit it is harder to vacation with a tube fed child, just remembering all the supplies needed for a week away, but it is NOT impossible.  Leo has eaten on the beach numerous times this week.  He has a rare genetic syndrome called Wolf hirschorn.  He had an ng tube and then last year got a g-tube.  We are working on oral feeding and hope that one day he may eat by mouth.  


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  1. I don’t have pictures to share, but my daugher was tube fed for 4 years. We tent camped all that way from IA to the UP of Michigan. We got an electrical sites , and fed with a pump overnight. The alarm would go off at 2 am and I’d unhook her. It wasn’t until I got home that I wondered how many other folks tube-fed on a tenting trip! 🙂

  2. There are tips for traveling with tube and IV feeding at


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