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Airplanes and G-Tubes

Traveling to Houston, Texas for Apollo’s second heart surgery.

Despite calling TSA ahead of time, explaining my son was tube-fed and being assured formula is exempt from liquid limits we were given crap… The TSA official insisted on opening a can of formula…while another TSA official argued that all of them needed to be opened. Despite this, we made it on the plane (with only one open can). As you can see, Apollo enjoyed his lunch!


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  1. I rely totally on g-tube feeding even for fluids for the past 19 years. I carry a letter with me from my surgeon
    plus I now make sure I am listed with the Airlines I travel with that I am considered
    disabled. Air Tran has been the only Airlines that has given me trouble and wont let
    me do it on their plane…but most other airlines are great, .especially Air Canada.
    As far as customs… I also carry a letter from the Doctors…I am always pulled over
    which is fine..and I have been advised if there was a “orange or red alert” for travelling
    they would probably not let me take my 4 cans of food on board. Otherwise its not a problem.


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