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Oral Aversion and G-Tube


Sweet little Max wondered if any other kids had g-tubes…then his mom found this blog.

Yes, Max, there is a world full of tube fed people of all ages.

Thanks for the photo!


Apollo Feeds Himself

We try to keep tube-feeding as non-medical as possible for Apollo. He grabbed this flushing syringe and said, “Mama, I feed myself!”


Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump

Apollo hangs out with his brother while he get fed from his Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump.

NG Tube for Severe Reflux

Isobel had severe reflux and quickly learned eating equals pain. So she quit eating. She was given reflux medicine and fed through an NG tube as her body healed. Isobel only needed the tube for a few weeks, then quickly moved onto a bottle.


NG Tube

Sweet baby Owen had an NG tube for eight months and a g-tube for two years. He now eats 100% orally!


Tube-Feeding Around the House.

Tube-feeding around the house.