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Tube Feeding at the Park

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This photo was taken within the  two months of Apollo having his g-tube placed. He had to be hooked up to the pump for 45 minutes at a time.  We never let it slow us down!



Airplanes and G-Tubes

Traveling to Houston, Texas for Apollo’s second heart surgery.

Despite calling TSA ahead of time, explaining my son was tube-fed and being assured formula is exempt from liquid limits we were given crap… The TSA official insisted on opening a can of formula…while another TSA official argued that all of them needed to be opened. Despite this, we made it on the plane (with only one open can). As you can see, Apollo enjoyed his lunch!

Oral Aversion and G-Tube


Sweet little Max wondered if any other kids had g-tubes…then his mom found this blog.

Yes, Max, there is a world full of tube fed people of all ages.

Thanks for the photo!

Apollo Feeds Himself

We try to keep tube-feeding as non-medical as possible for Apollo. He grabbed this flushing syringe and said, “Mama, I feed myself!”


Tube Feeding in the Mall

Tube Feeding in the Mall

Tilly wears Apollo’s pump backpack while Apollo gets tube-fed.