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Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump

Apollo hangs out with his brother while he get fed from his Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump.


G-Tube on the Beach

Apollo gets his afternoon feeding at the beach.


G-Tubes and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2 brothers with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, 2 brothers with Mic-Key Gtubes…

Carson was diagnosed with EoE at age 2 1/2. He’d had a Nissen prior, and suffered from a handful of allergies(peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, pork and beef). Carson got his g-tube at age 7(2/11).
Jake was diagnosed at age 6. He had a handful of allergies prior, but that fall, his allergy list exploded to well over 40 positive foods. With his EoE in full flare, he was put on a g-tube(and formula only) at age 7(2/08).

The boys are now 9(Carson) and 11(Jake). Carson will be entering 3rd grade, and Jake will be starting middle school(6th grade).
{These two remarkable boys were the inspiration for this new blog! Be sure and check out their facebook page: Mic-Keys on the Go.}

NG Tube for Severe Reflux

Isobel had severe reflux and quickly learned eating equals pain. So she quit eating. She was given reflux medicine and fed through an NG tube as her body healed. Isobel only needed the tube for a few weeks, then quickly moved onto a bottle.


Tube Feeding on Vacation


From blog reader Kim:

Leo is one of 6 so life is never quiet.  We are vacationing for a week at Cape May, NJ.  I will admit it is harder to vacation with a tube fed child, just remembering all the supplies needed for a week away, but it is NOT impossible.  Leo has eaten on the beach numerous times this week.  He has a rare genetic syndrome called Wolf hirschorn.  He had an ng tube and then last year got a g-tube.  We are working on oral feeding and hope that one day he may eat by mouth.  

NG Tube

Sweet baby Owen had an NG tube for eight months and a g-tube for two years. He now eats 100% orally!


Tube-Fed and Eating by Mouth

Tube-fed doesn’t always mean you can’t eat by mouth. Apollo does both!