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Tube Feeding at the Park

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This photo was taken within the  two months of Apollo having his g-tube placed. He had to be hooked up to the pump for 45 minutes at a time.  We never let it slow us down!



Oral Aversion and G-Tube


Sweet little Max wondered if any other kids had g-tubes…then his mom found this blog.

Yes, Max, there is a world full of tube fed people of all ages.

Thanks for the photo!

Apollo Feeds Himself

We try to keep tube-feeding as non-medical as possible for Apollo. He grabbed this flushing syringe and said, “Mama, I feed myself!”


Tube Feeding in the Mall

Tube Feeding in the Mall

Tilly wears Apollo’s pump backpack while Apollo gets tube-fed.

Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump

Apollo hangs out with his brother while he get fed from his Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump.

G-Tubes and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2 brothers with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, 2 brothers with Mic-Key Gtubes…

Carson was diagnosed with EoE at age 2 1/2. He’d had a Nissen prior, and suffered from a handful of allergies(peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, pork and beef). Carson got his g-tube at age 7(2/11).
Jake was diagnosed at age 6. He had a handful of allergies prior, but that fall, his allergy list exploded to well over 40 positive foods. With his EoE in full flare, he was put on a g-tube(and formula only) at age 7(2/08).

The boys are now 9(Carson) and 11(Jake). Carson will be entering 3rd grade, and Jake will be starting middle school(6th grade).
{These two remarkable boys were the inspiration for this new blog! Be sure and check out their facebook page: Mic-Keys on the Go.}

Tube Feeding on Vacation


From blog reader Kim:

Leo is one of 6 so life is never quiet.  We are vacationing for a week at Cape May, NJ.  I will admit it is harder to vacation with a tube fed child, just remembering all the supplies needed for a week away, but it is NOT impossible.  Leo has eaten on the beach numerous times this week.  He has a rare genetic syndrome called Wolf hirschorn.  He had an ng tube and then last year got a g-tube.  We are working on oral feeding and hope that one day he may eat by mouth.